Louvered Pergolas
  • Louvered roofs pergolas are designed as an all-weather solution and the roof louvers interlocking design provide a watertight roof covering when closed according to Belgian standard NBN 306. It is important to ensure a free flow of water from the closed roof louvers that the internal guttering is regularly cleaned. The roof louvers features a … More
  • It is perfectly safe to use a coal, wood or gas fired BBQ or fireplace beneath the louvered roof. In fact it is extremely common for outdoor kitchens to be installed beneath the structure. The only stipulation is that any flues from for example pizza ovens be positioned a minimum of 0.3m from the underside … More
  • Our louvered roof side screen fabrics are produced from 100% spun dyed polyester fibres. This simply means that as the fibres are spun into yarn, they are dyed in a chemical bath to give them their colour. This solution dying (also referred to as dip dying) process colours the fibre all the way through to … More
  • Our louvered roof pergolas have been designed and constructed from high-quality materials with premium coatings and concealed elements, meaning the only maintenance required is a little TLC (cleaning) from time to time. Corrosion-resistant aluminium profiles and stainless steel components featured on our louvered roofs do not rust. Concealed motors built within the framework stay protected … More
  • Our exclusive louvered roof side screen fabrics are impregnated with the most advanced TEXgard coating; an invisible protective shield around each individual fibre which creates a surface structure similar to the microstructure found on a lotus leaf. Closely arranged NANO chemistry carbon fluoride chains prevent dirt and water from clinging to the fabric surface generating … More
  • All our louvered roofs are bespoke, made to measure to your exact requirements and therefore the cost varies significantly depending on the model, specification (size, hardware colour…), configuration (freestanding, lean-to…), and mounting detail, along with any options (lighting, heating, side screens…). The chart below details the typical from and to prices for the different model louvered … More
  • Our louvered roofs pergolas are designed and built to withstand the elements, tested by the renowned independent quality standard body TÜV. The chart below shows the different elements of our louvered roofs and the wind speed rating, including a description of the acceptable wind levels. It should be noted that the wind class rating is … More
  • In the majority of cases, planning permission is not required for louvered roofs pergolas as they fall within permitted development rights. Permitted development does, however, put a few stipulations on sizing. If the louvered roof is being installed abutting the rear of your property it will class as an extension to your property and therefore … More
  • A louvered roof pergolas weighs typically between 400-500kg per structure dependent on final size and specification. This load is spread evenly over the post uprights, creating a load per post of around 100-125kg and therefore it is possible to install a louvered roof on all ground types, with little or even no groundworks. For an … More
  • Our louvered roof pergolas are built to last a lifetime and we are pleased to offer therefore an industry-leading fully comprehensive 5-year guarantee* covering parts, labour and our workmanship. The guarantee covers the complete louvered roof system including framework (hardware), mechanism (rotating/sliding roof) and electronics (motors, transmitters and sensors) along with optional side screens (fabric). … More
  • Louvered roof pergolas are designed to enable year-round use of outdoor spaces, providing bioclimatic shading; adapting to the changing weather conditions to provide a comfortable space. Ultimately, they provide a solution that sits between a patio awning which provides you alfresco living offering sun and rain shelter but cannot be used in adverse weather conditions … More
  • Our electric louvered roofs, structure (roof), optional side screens, LED lighting and up to 1 infrared heater can be powered from a standard domestic 13amp fuse spur, to which the structure power cable (3 core; live, neutral, earth) would be hard-wired into or to a 13amp switched socket, which the power cable would have a … More
  • When the roof louvers are closed, they have a small fall (slope) from front to back of approx 6cm; water runs off the roof louvers into an internal guttering built on the inside of the cross beams of the structure on all sides (front & back only on Classic model). The internal guttering is connected … More
  • Our louvered roof pergola side screen fabrics are high-performance materials designed to provide both a functional and decorative role, however, despite meeting the highest European standards and laboratory tests, they can only be manufactured to a limited degree of perfection even with today’s state of the art machinery. Waviness and rippling occurs both around the … More

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