Outdoor Living Pod Louvered Roof Outdoor Living Pod Louvered Roof Outdoor Living Pod Louvered Roof Outdoor Living Pod Louvered Roof Outdoor Living Pod Louvered Roof Outdoor Living Pod Louvered Roof Patio Canopy Garden Room Louvered Roof
  • Waterproof Opening Louvered Roof
  • Motorised Remote Control Operation
  • Windproof Side Screens (optional)
  • Optional LED Lighting & Heating
  • 100's of Hardware & Fabric Colours
  • Freestanding or Wall Mounted
  • Width: upto 7.0m (single unit)
  • Depth: upto 4.2m (single unit)
  • Height (upto 3.0m)

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof Patio Canopy

Make the most of your outdoor space, whatever the weather, with the award winning Outdoor Living Pod canopy with an opening louvered roof that provides flexible sun shading along with rain and even snow protection, allowing you all year round use of your terrace.

Featuring a rotating aluminium louvered roof, the Outdoor Living PodTM is an innovative pergola type patio canopy system that provides optimum sun protection and ventilation to the terrace; keeping you cool no matter how intense the suns rays, cutting out glare irrespective of the angle of the sun to provide comfort to eyes and blocking the suns damaging UV rays to ensure skin remains safe.

When closed, the louvered roof patio canopy is fully waterproof keeping you dry underneath, with effective water evacuation via an invisible guttering system hidden within the framework. Additionally the louvered roof will withstand upto 70 kg/m2 snow load, allowing the Outdoor Living PodTM to truly be used all year round, irrespective of the weather.

Any adjoining internal room also benefits from a reduction in solar heat gain, helping to keep it cool on even the warmest of summer days, and fixtures and furnishings are protected from fading whilst unwanted glare and harsh light is stopped with the view maintained.

Optional heavy duty roll down sun screen blinds neatly concealed within the structure cross members lower to provide protection from low level sunlight and privacy from prying eyes. Additionally thanks to the clever zip locking mechanism which holds the fabric within the structure framework, the blinds are rendered windproof, preventing winds upto Beaufort 6 along with acting as an insect screen. Furthermore, clearview panels can be inserted into the screen material to keep clear 2-way vision.

Our patio canopy accessories including low voltage, led strip lighting, contained within the roof louvers provides ambient evening lighting whilst infra-red radiant heaters mounted to the cross beams keep you warm on even the coldest of nights as they heat people and objects, not the air inbetween.

Designed as either a stand alone or lean to pergola canopy unit, the Outdoor Living PodTM is a modular system that can cover terraces of all sizes, with the ability to continually add to and expand. Galvanised steel base plates integrated within the vertical uprights (poles) provide an invisible fixing down to the terrace floor whilst re-inforced corners to the legs ensure the structure is both solid and robust.

The entire solution; roof and any options (integrated screens, led lighting, infra-red heating) is operated from a stylish radio controlled wirefree handset with lcd screen so you can easily select which part of the pergola canopy you wish to function. Powerful, yet virtually silent, hardworking motors adjust the roof and optional integrated screens whilst integral radio receivers allow the handset to turn the led strip lighting and infra-red heating on/off.

Finished in a stunning textured, corrosion resistant coating and with small details such as concealed screws the Outdoor Living PodTM brings a touch of class to any location meeting with even the most discerning requirements and its superstrong aluminium and stainless steel construction ensures it will withstand even the worst of the British weather. Tested to the severest of quality standards, the louvered roof can withstand windspeeds upto Beaufort 10.

One product, endless functions - from closed roof to open at the touch of a button, the Outdoor Living PodTM will adapt to your requirements every single day of the week 365 days a year. No other terrace solution can offer the same flexibility and possibilities the original louvered roof pergola patio canopy can. 

Discuss your terrace shade and shelter requirements with one of our outdoor living specialists today on 0344 800 1947 who will provide you with expert advice on the perfect Outdoor Living PodTM configuration and design for your application and requirements.


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