Simply complete the short form below and within 48 hours, one of our experienced estimators will respond with advice on the right external shading system(s) for your project and requirements along with an accurate budget cost for the suggested solution(s) and full product specifications.



Once you’ve received your guide price, if it is within the budgets set and you wish to progress to a survey, we would then organise for one of our in house technical surveyors to carry out a fully comprehensive free site survey, where along with obtaining accurate dimensions and installation details, they will run through everything with you including showing physical samples of the proposed external shading system; hardware, fabrics, options etc so you can see exactly what we are proposing and you would receive should you progress. This information then goes to our head office, where we will provide you with a detailed written formal quotation and drawings for your consideration and with no pressure whatsoever.

Rest assured we don’t employ any commission based sales people who spend hours in your property and most importantly don’t inflate our prices to offer fake discounts. We are external shading specialists who love what we do and pride ourselves on our unsurpassed knowledge and expertise, offering you sound, honest, expert advice to ensure you have the right specification external shading system that completely meets your needs and requirements.