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  • Modern Streamline Design
  • Motorised Remote Control Operation
  • Optional Fabric Locking Mechanism
  • Light & Wind Sensors (optional)
  • 100's Of Hardware & Fabric Options
  • Mounting Brackets For All Roof Styles
  • Width: from 1.25m to 5.00m
  • Depth: upto 6.00m
  • Max Surface Area: 18sq/m

External Roof Blinds - Conservatory Roof Blinds & Skylight Blinds

Keep rooms cool and enjoy glare protection and privacy with our external roof blinds running over roof lights, skylights and conservatory roofs, glass verandas and atriums of all sizes and inclinations.

Conservatory Roof Blinds & Solar Shades

By physically blocking the sun’s incoming solar radiation, our external conservatory and skylight roof blinds prevent excessive solar heat gain, which in turn can reduce internal room temperatures by more than 10 degrees centigrade, even on the hottest of summer’s days - resulting in a comfortable and pleasant internal environment. Air conditioning of any type becomes superfluous following solar shade installation.

UV-blocking Skylight Blinds & Shade Covers

Whether on skylights or conservatories, bright light is filtered, to provide a glare-free, naturally-lit space, with an outward view through the fabric maintained (subject to material choice). Furniture, fixtures and fittings are protected from fading by the sun thanks to the UV barrier that is created by the shade covers.

Additionally, in cold conditions, air trapped between the external blind fabric and glass provides thermal insulation to the glazing which slows heat loss from a building, reducing heating energy costs - whilst retaining a pleasant interior temperature.

A zip-locking mechanism, unique to our St. Lucia tensioned skylight blind, bridges the gap between the edge of the fabric and guide, by physically sealing the fabric in the channel which in turn stops any annoying strips of light shining through and acts as an insect screen as an additional function, whilst also rendering the blind windproof.

How Our External Roof Blinds Work

Our tensioned external roof blinds work on a simple principle: fabric is wound round a rigid galvanised steel fabric barrel contained within the cassette headbox and connected to the lead rail. This rail runs on lateral guides to each side guaranteeing a smooth and square functioning. Hi-tech dyneema cables concealed within the lateral guides attach to the lead rail and are tensioned via integral heavy-duty double coiled springs. When the motor inside the fabric barrel is operated and the blind extends / retracts, this tensioning system keeps the fabric taut at every position and allows the roof blind to be operated at virtually any angle and in any direction.

The cassette headbox, which protects the fabric and operating mechanism from all types of inclement weather when the blind is retracted, is supported via the lateral guides, meaning only the lateral guides have to be fixed. A range of support brackets are available to allow installation of the lateral guides to all types of structures and even to overcome opening roof vents and obstructions.

The fabric on our exterior roof and skylight blinds sits close to the glazing, minimising the chance of any light or heat creeping in through the sides, whilst allowing any heat build-up between the fabric and glazing to be dissipated by air blowing through.

Solid, Reliable and Efficient Blind Design

Under the soft, streamline design of our external roof blinds, lays a tough inside that will withstand even the most demanding of applications. Frameworks of aluminium and components of stainless steel are both rust free and incredibly strong, able to resist being exposed to the elements all year round.

Choose from a range of options to create a conservatory roof blind system that is perfect for your application. Options include endless hardware colours and finishes, allowing you to create a system that is effectively an extension of the structure it is mounted on.

Safety and reliability are paramount, which is why our external blinds are tested to and meet the highest European and independent quality standards, ensuring they run smoothly and problem free, and can resist winds of up to Beaufort scale 6 (dependent on the selected model).

Contact one of our external roof blind specialists today on 0344 800 1947 for advice on the correct system for perfect solar heat, light and UV control to your glass roof, conservatory or skylight.

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