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5 Simple Jobs To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Keep your home in tip top condition

External Roof Blind

With a recent dip in temperatures and Christmas rapidly approaching, now is a great time to embark on a few home maintenance jobs to ensure you can enjoy a stress-free festive season. From servicing your boiler to clearing out guttering, getting ahead with these 5 simple tasks will save you both time and money over the Winter months.

1.  Service Your Boiler
Aim to have your boiler serviced at least once a year. This will ensure you stay nice and warm over the festive period along with confirming that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible, which in turn will help keep your heating bills to a minimum. And if you're looking to save extra cash, try insulating your hot water tank to help conserve additional heat.  

2. Secure Your Home
With research indicating 56% of burglaries happen at night, with 73% of burglars using doors to enter a property, it's important to ensure all entrances are as secure as possible during the Winter months. Double check all front, back and side gates are secured with bolts and update old or worn front door locks to a multi-point system, which make it much more difficult to force entry. 

3. Maintain Your Chimney 
Don't overlook the importance of taking care of your chimney for a safer and more efficient fireplace. Keeping your chimney clean and swept helps prevent chimney fires as well as reducing the risk of dangerous fume emissions from blocked heating appliances and flueways. Whilst it is possible to clean your chimney yourself, it's a lengthy process along with requiring the correct equipment so we'd recommend calling out your local chimney professional to save yourself the hassle.  

4. Keep Out The Cold
Make sure you properly seal all doors and windows to stop warm air escaping and cold air coming into your home. Additionally, it's a good idea to check small openings such as letterboxes, keyhole and cat flaps as you'd be surprised how much cold air can be distributed through these small gaps. To prevent this, letterboxes can be fitted with a 'brush,' keyholes can be protected with a 'keyhole cover' and cat flaps can be lined with insulation. 

5. Clear Guttering
Regularly remove leaves and debris from your gutters to prevent internal damp. This can occur when external walls become soaked from leaking gutters which then spreads to the interior of your home. You should also remove leaves from the guttering of your Outdoor Living Pod, however besides this small task, the beauty of our Pod is that it's virtually maintenance free, only requiring an occasional wash with a power wash or soft cloth/sponge to keep your Pod looking as good as new. Similarly, our blinds are also very low maintenance, requiring no servicing because the motors and mechanism are all sealed units, concealed within the blind housing so they're completely hassle-free 365 days a year.