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Fancy A Brew?

Our installers would welcome a warm drink

It's easy to forget our installers are outside this time of year, especially when you're all warm and snug inside. Irrespective of the weather conditions, our installers work year round to ensure our outdoor living and solar shading solutions are installed in the time frame agreed, in fact, even the snow doesn’t stop them carrying out installations.

Whilst we provide our installers with hats, gloves and insulated waterproof clothing to ensure they remain warm and dry, there is nothing like the occasional hot brew throughout the duration of the installation to warm them through and keep them motivated. Plus if you have a biscuit or two spare, these always go down a treat – our installers love to dunk a biscuit in a warming cup of tea or coffee.

So if you’ve got an installation scheduled or due to be carried out over the Winter period, think about our installers working outside in the inclement weather and if you have a spare moment, they really would gratefully appreciate a hot drink, it will make their day.