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Website Updates

Improving your online experience with us

Based on feedback, analytics and our commitment to continual improvement, over the coming weeks, you will notice numerous changes and amendments to our website, some of which have already taken place. 

Our website continues to be the go to source for information on exterior solar shading, ranking no.1 on all major search engines and these improvements are designed to enhance your use, enjoyment and viewing pleasure of our site. The key changes are:

  • Addition of a photo and video gallery to each product section
  • Interactive price guides for all our product lines
  • Feed in of this blog to the site
  • New enhanced contact form
  • Dedicated specifier section with NBS specifications

We will also be revising and adding to the current content, along with adding social sharing buttons and a login for our new trade referral portal launching in January 2014 (full details of which we will post nearer the time).

Our website should continue to function perfectly fine during these updates which should just appear the next time you login to our site, however, there is a small chance there may be some down time on our site or certain elements not functioning exactly as they should, which we apologise for in advance but with any luck these improvements should be seamless and smooth.

And if there is anything further you feel would be beneficial for us to add to or enhance the use our website, we would love to hear so please email us here.