Shading Glass Box Extensions

Following on from our article a few weeks ago pertaining to the problem of shading glass box extensions, that are constructed from structural glass and therefore have no attachment points to install specifically designed tensioned exterior roof blinds to, the above is a great example of a recent application we were asked to look at to provide effective heat control to.

This glass box, a new addition to the rear of this substantial terraced London property in 2013, despite being fitted with solar control glass and then subsequently solar control film, is a heat trap. The client, after understanding the only way to keep their glass box cool is to prevent the suns heat rays from even reaching the glazing contacted us to discuss the possible external shading solutions.

As the photos (above and beneath) show, not only is there no frame to the glass and therefore no possible way of installing a tensioned roof blind but the rear of the main property is staggered, with part of a large bay window projecting over the glazed roof and a small juliet type balcony over another part of the glazing with limited space below. All in all this means a glass box that cannot have external shading of any description fitted to or above it, even with a projecting folding arm type awning mounted off the rear of the façade (due to the staggered façade) and lack of space.

We would therefore urge anyone contemplating a glass box extension to consider the design carefully and to have it specified with external shading in mind, so suitable mounting points can be incorporated in the design to allow for the attachment of specifically designed tensioned roof blinds (either from the outset or down the line) that will effectively regulate solar heat by stopping the suns heat rays even reaching the glazing, as even the best solar control glass, window film etc will not prevent excessive heat build up, despite what their manufacturers will tell you.

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