External Blinds Outshine All Other Shading Solutions

External Roof Blinds

Did you know it requires three times as much energy to cool a building by one degree centigrade than it does to heat it by the same amount? However, with a correctly positioned and specified exterior shading system, interior room temperatures can be reduced by more than ten degrees, which in turn can cut the energy consumption needed to cool down a hot room by more than 80%.

By offering a dynamic solution in the UK's fight against Climate Change, it has been predicted that automated, motorised sun protection systems could eradicate more than 100 million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, which is 9.5% of the total energy consumed by buildings.

Along with eliminating the need for costly air-conditioning units, our streamlined and elegant external roof and roller blinds, suitable for windows and doors of all dimensions, provide a healthy indoor space without compromising the outward view. As natural light is still admitted, artificial lighting is not needed, with damaging ultraviolet rays filtered to prevent furnishings and fittings from fading.

External Roller Blinds

Better still, as all of our blinds have been subjected to the most rigorous independent and European safety tests, our clients can rest assured their blinds will continue to perform perfectly day in, day out whilst withstanding wind speeds of up to Beaufort 6. 

The benefits of external blinds aren't just restricted to Summer either! As well as offering the complete shading solution during the warmer months, our blinds are also ideal for controlling sunlight during Winter when the sun's lower orientation in the sky can cause excess glare within our homes. 

By playing a vital role in achieving maximum occupant efficient and enjoyment of any space at any time of the year, our exceptional and highly-acclaimed blinds offer year-round comfort, adding kerb appeal and value to properties of all shapes and sizes whilst enhancing an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you'd like to start enjoying the numerous benefits of an exceptional shading system of unsurpassed quality, contact the UK's only shading specialists today on 0344 800 1947 or complete our enquiry form here.

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