Hoist Away

We are noticing a rise in the number of enquiries for patio awnings to be installed on apartment balconies and roof terraces. Not only do these applications have numerous additional health and safety requirements due to the high level of work but normally always due to restricted access inside the building through the stairwell area require the use of specialist hoisting equipment outside to get the awning into location, which in turn needs certain permissions granted along with appropriate insurance cover.

Whilst these types of projects scare off other awning retailers due to the high risk factor, at Caribbean we are geared up for exactly this type of project. Our devotion solely to the field of exterior solar shading has given us an unrivalled expertise, having come across virtually every type of ‘complicated’ installation there is and the ability to handle them with ease, organising every single element including the appropriate hoist for lifting our products into position and required permits, along with expert installation by our own fully employed, insured and trained installation teams.

It is for this reason that we find competing awning retailers recommending us for these types of projects, as was the case in the application shown photographed below:

The product quality (strength) is another key factor for such applications due to the stronger and more persistent gusts of wind experienced with high level installations. Offering the strongest patio awnings manufactured in the UK, with folding arms that can withstand windspeeds significantly more than some of our competitors products, coupled with using the strongest fixing methods to guarantee the safest stress free anchorage to the building, our awnings are an ideal fit for such exposed applications.

And for applications we have not come across before, we relish a challenge, always able to find a solution to getting the product into position and safely installed.

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