It’s Getting Hot in Here

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We are starting to see a rise in the temperature as we go deeper into spring and many of us are already spending our spare time relaxing outside or tending to the garden chores. With summer only a few weeks away, this is when we will start to feel the real heat from the sun.

When the sun is more persistent over the summer season, we will be more active and naturally retreat to the outdoors, spending most of our quality time away from the home. Many of us have returned home to experience an internal environment with a much higher temperature than the outdoors. This uncomfortable humid heat makes us feel hotter than before and seek cooling.

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If you have a home with large expanses of glass then this will be a reoccurring and frustrating problem. Glass windows and doors act as a magnifying tool for the sun, as the rays penetrate the surface, the glass is amplifying the heat as it transfers through to the internal atmosphere. Creating an air flow by opening windows will help the situation but some may be reluctant to leave the home vulnerable to burglars. An air conditioning unit is another solution some may contemplate but is this an energy efficient and attractive option?

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At Caribbean Blinds we have smart home shading solutions that will prevent rather than try to cure the issue. Our innovative, state of the art external roller and roof blinds will be your first line of defence against solar heat gain. Installing our window treatment to the exterior of the glass will directly deter any solar radiation trying to enter the internal space. The fabric we use is the highest grade, with unique coatings that offer outstanding technical properties including fade resistance and self clean effect.

Blinds, External Blinds, Glass, Window, Caribbean Blinds, External Shading

The greatest feature about our products is the smart technology we can incorporate to ensure an energy efficient solution. Our heat and light sensors for example, will instantly detect the temperature and brightness of the weather, extending (or retract) the fabric to prevent unwanted solar heat gain – ideal for when you are away and ensuring you return to a cool, comfortable and sustainable environment.

If you would like to find more about the features and benefits of our market leading external shading systems then call one of our knowledgeable specialists on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively complete our quick enquiry form here.

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