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When it comes to choosing a product there are many factors that ultimately lead to our decision to purchase and that can be based on price, quality, reputation and the service. With the cost of living increasing it is vital to make the right choices and invest in a product with longevity and quality. Premium products can often lead us to choose a cheaper option as we are lead to believe that we would be saving money, quite often this is not the case but only a short term solution. This does not go to say that you should be looking for the most expensive product on the market as this could lead you into a false sense of security. A price tag should not be the lead influence of your purchasing decision, you need to be able to look at the finer detail and see what qualities make that company stand out. These fine details could provide you with a product that will guarantee you a long term investment.

External blinds and patio awnings are products that require the purchaser to gain an understanding of how they work and the potential cost involved as these can be a pricey home investment. The last thing you would want to do is spend thousands on a product that will fail you within the year. By selecting the right shading solutions you could add great value to your property which is why it is important to make the correct assessments to help you make an informative choice.

Most external blind companies in the UK will often overlook the finer detail that we value as we understand what the purchaser is seeking when it comes to choosing luxury products. These companies will only offer one or two standard thread colours for their products, as you can imagine with a vast range of fabric designs the off-white or black thread is not going to match well with everything. Setting one or two threads saves companies on labour costs to change the thread and the cost of holding more thread stock. This very small detail is one detail that can tell you a lot about a company and their values.

Caribbean Blinds, Hydem, Trim, Manufacturing

After 31 years of manufacturing external shading solutions we are committed to going that extra step further and providing a refined design that bares in mind every fine detail that our clients seek. We match our fabrics to a choice of 9 selective thread colours, 27 trim fabrics for valances and 20 hydems to cover the edges of our Jamaican canopies. By taking the extra steps to go further we help to build our clients confidence and trust in our products. These design details make a huge difference as we believe in providing our clients with a superior design that goes beyond their expectations.

Caribbean Blinds, Threads, Manufacturing

Find out more about our extensive range of garden awnings and window blinds we have to offer and talk to a member of our knowledgeable team to discuss your design options – 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can leave your details using our quick enquiry form.

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