Custom Lean-To Outdoor Living Pod

Outdoor Living Pod to Gable End Bungalow in Reigate

“The installation was completed today, and both Jane and I are extremely pleased with its appearance, and from what we can see so far, the quality of the construction.

Your team are a great credit Caribbean Blinds. They worked hard, were very tidy, courteous, and took great care that the installation – particularly the attachment to the house – was carried out professionally.”

Another smooth installation of our lean-to version Outdoor Living Pod, this time, to the gable end extension of a property in Reigate.Outdoor Living Pod fitted to fascia on gable end bungalow

Prior to the Outdoor Living Pod being able to be fitted, the fascia (where the Pod was to be installed) between the gable windows above and doors below, needed to be suitably re-inforced. This involved the careful removal of the entire pvc fascia board and addition of load bearing timbers attached securely back to the RSJ set behind that runs the full width of the property, following which the rear cross beam of the structure could be safely attached (below left image) without the need for rear posts to the structure, which would have been impractical in this application, as they would have run down in front of the windows and prevented them from opening, not to mention looking odd. The fascia board then had to be cut back in around the rear cross beam and suitably weatherproofed to ensure no water penetration behind (below right image).Outdoor Living Pod - Installation Detail

No matter how tricky or complex the installation our personnel really do make all the difference and ensure an excellent job from start to finish, making even the hardest of fits appear straight forward and easy (well after all this is all we do day in day out!).

Whilst the norm in the blinds and shutters industry is to use sub contract installers (even more so in respect of the external blinds market) sub contractors are paid by the job and the more jobs they carry out the more they earn, so corners do get cut and jobs do get rushed. Furthermore they have no specific experience in a companies products as they work for a range of companies installing different systems and product types (from blinds, to garage doors, to awnings to glass verandas…).

At Caribbean Blinds we buck the trend. Understanding that people make all the difference, we directly employ all our own personnel including installers, who work solely for us, with company provided vehicles, the correct tools and even clothing (including all necessary PPE). Paid by salary (not by the job) our installers have no incentive to rush the task in hand, meaning we and most importantly you, our valued customers, can count on them to do the very best job possible.

The continuous positive reviews about our installers, certainly validates that the significant investment we make in salary employing and comprehensively training all our installers, is worth every penny.

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