Don’t Be Fooled By Bogus Claims

It happens in every industry, a company closes for financial reasons and the next day re-opens in the same premises, with the same staff, same stock, same literature etc and with what appears the same name although very subtly changed. And this is unfortunately the case with numerous retailers in the external blind industry who have simply changed the ending to their names but with the same logo which simply emphasises the first part of their name.

Whilst we do not agree with companies who close down to wipe their debt and restart the next day as we feel it is highly unethical, especially for consumers who have lost deposits (in some cases substantial amounts), it is not illegal in this country (yet), however, when these companies blatantly lie to appear as if they have been in business far longer than they have and therefore are reputable (when they are not), we feel the need to, well post this article, after it was pointed out by a recent savvy customer.

We recommend all consumers validate any claims on a companies history by running a FREE company check on the companies house website which can be viewed here.

Unlike the numerous companies in this industry who are outright deceiving consumers into believing they have a long heritage, we, Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd were established in November 1987 (as companies house will show) and have been supplying exterior blinds, awnings and outdoor shading solutions for this entire period of almost 26 years, having become not only the largest UK manufacturer, but also the most honest, knowledgeable and reliable.

If you want to experience a refreshing difference and deal with a genuine company for external blinds, then we are your only choice. And whilst we cannot guarantee to be the cheapest, we do guarantee to offer the best value for money, with a quality, service and specification that cannot be matched.

And if you have been unfortunate enough to have purchased from a company who has deceived you into believing their non existent heritage with a view to them being reliable (which no doubt you’ve discovered they’re not), you always have Trading Standards as a recourse.

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