Expand, Serve, Profit: Boosting Restaurant Capacity and Revenue With Commercial Awnings

Statistics show that an additional 18,000 restaurants listed ‘outdoor dining’ as part of their offering since the start of the pandemic. For establishments to capitalise on this new-found interest and growth in outdoor dining, it’s important that they utilise the full potential of any outdoor spaces and secure them for year-round protection.

With the ability to provide a quick, easy and affordable solution to transform any outdoor space, awnings are ideal for commercial businesses such as restaurants, bars and hotels. Both practical and stylish, they provide instant shade and shelter and can be designed and built to each application’s exact requirements.


Maximise space

Preparing outdoor spaces for year-round use can provide venues with additional seating/eating areas, expanding their capacity and enabling them to welcome more guests – especially during busier periods such as public holidays, the festive season and national/regional events.

To support busy times, utilising all available space is important and, in the winter/wetter months, waterproofing outdoor spaces is imperative. It’s likely that more temporary covers such as brollies and parasols won’t stand up to adverse conditions, however, commercial awnings can provide instant shade and shelter from the sun as well as rain showers, whilst also withstanding wind speeds of up to 31mph.


Enhance the dining experience

During the summer months, many Brits will flood towards pubs, bars and restaurants in search of a drink in the sun or an al-fresco style lunch/dinner, and with many businesses competing for their attention; it’s essential to provide an outdoor space that offers comfort, is aesthetically pleasing and stands out from the crowd.

Although soaking up the sun will be a priority for many, comfort is key to enticing customers, whilst enhancing their overall experience. As such, it’s important to provide substantial shading in the form of a retractable awning to offer a welcomed break from the heat.


Tailored solutions

Retractable awnings not only provide a welcome roof over any terrace, protecting and sheltering customers from the elements, but they also add a striking new dimension to the façade. They can be finished in corresponding colours to match any corporate identity, and when equipped with accessories including LED lighting and infra-red heating, a warm and pleasant environment is created all year round.

More modern and premium awnings can be both manually operated (using a handle) or motorised (using a remote control) – or even an app on your smartphone. A motorised awning that can be adjusted at just the touch of a button – with any add-ons such as lighting and heating – is ideal for allowing customers to dine outdoors, no matter the weather.


Financial benefits

As a general rule, all businesses should be taking advantage of every resource available to them, however, commercial outdoor spaces can often be overlooked and not utilised to their full potential. By investing in and monetising outdoor spaces, commercial establishments can reap the rewards, resulting in an increase in revenue, footfall, reputation and overall business success.

Regardless of season and time of day, weather-proofing your commercial outdoor space will benefit and support business growth, revenue and capacity, whilst working in tandem to boost the venue’s potential and enhance its reputation as a result.

Our Managing Director, Stuart Dantzic, said: “During the pandemic, hospitality establishments had to re-evaluate the use of their outdoor spaces due to a new-found interest and growth in alfresco dining – a trend that has continued ever since. Because of this, it’s important that all commercial businesses prepare their outside areas for year-round protection.

“Awnings are growing in popularity within the hospitality sector because they serve two main purposes for a functional yet beautiful outdoor dining space. Firstly, they provide instant shade from sunlight; both heat and glare (bright light), outstanding UV protection (typically 95% minimum UV block) and shelter from unexpected rain showers.

Secondly, they help regulate the temperature in the indoor room adjacent to where they are positioned, both during the summer and winter months. As a result, they ensure a comfortable indoor dining space too, eliminating any bright light to prevent glare, all whilst filtering damaging UV rays to stop fixtures and furnishings from fading.”

Our retractable patio awnings allow you to create the ultimate al-fresco dining space, all year round. For more information on our UK made shading solutions, contact one of our knowledgeable experts on 0344 800 1947.

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