Garden Canopy Styles

After discussing last week’s article about upgrading pergolas and enhancing its features with SMART shading applications we thought it would be a great idea to show you the different styles of canopy structures you can integrate into your garden landscape. Each style has its own unique features, some which may not suit your requirements and some that may be perfect for what you are looking to achieve, so let us help you discover the perfect patio canopy.

Wooden Pergola, Pergola, Garden Design, Landscape Gardening

  1. Wooden Pergola

This is a very traditional structure that is popular in many household gardens across the UK and it is not going to see a decline any time soon. Its wooden texture is a natural aesthetic that blends in with most garden designs and what makes this so appealing is you can allow natural plants to decorate around the structure thus enhancing the landscape design and providing shading.

Shade Sails, Sails, Garden Design, Landscape Gardening

  1. Sails

These triangular shape fabric sails are often found in your contemporary style homes providing pockets of shade to give protection from the sun. If you have children then these can often be used to cover play areas to create a cool and secure area. They are very simple to erect, low maintenance and much more affordable then getting a wooden pergola constructed.

Veranda, Glass Veranda, Garden Design, Landscape Gardening

  1. Glass Veranda

A glass roof structure is perfect if you are looking to get a permanent canopy cover and retain a view at the same time. The covered space will be flooded with light come rain or shine. It may be susceptible to solar heat gain due to the glass aspect but this can easily be resolved with solar shading solutions integrated into the design to block solar rays when it gets too intense.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Rood, Pergola, Prestige

  1. Outdoor Living Pod™

This construction is made from super strong aluminium combined with advanced technology to provide the ultimate garden canopy. It has been engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions meaning this garden feature is an investment that will deliver its worth all year round. It’s electronically operated louvers means you can take control, with optional heaters, lights and screens you can create the perfect atmosphere to suit any occasion.

If you would like to find out more about our Award Winning louvered garden pergola then contact our team today and receive your free product brochure and guide price 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can visit our show site in Sudbury, Suffolk and get the full experience of our Outdoor Living Pod™.

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