Miss-selling and Poor Installations

It is a sad fact that we are hearing more stories of where consumers have been sold either the wrong type of external blind system for their application or have had an external blind system fitted completely wrong.

This typically is the result of the company who sold the product having a lack of knowledge about exterior blinds (as in most instances they are just an add on to their main business normally of interior blinds) or that they have sold on price (ie being the cheapest) to win the job and therefore cannot supply the right solution, fitted correctly as they cannot afford to (ie they have no margin on the job).

There is a great example of this last year…we lost a project (for 4 retractable roofs mounted to an existing pergola frame) to a company who significantly undercut our price, however, what they provided as an alternate solution was not spec’d right for the application requirements (they were more interested in winning the job on price!) and the installation was completely incorrect (most likely they used sub contract installers more concerned about doing as many jobs a day as they can to earn the highest wage rather than installing this job correctly). The result was a solution that didn’t do what it was meant to and malfunctioned virtually straight away, leaving a completely dissatisfied end client who simply thought external blinds generally were not great.

And to top it off, the company who supplied the wrong solution fitted poorly went into administration over the Christmas period meaning the client, in this case a school who fundraised for these ‘improvement’ works, has no recourse (the company in question has since re-surfaced under a virtually identical name).

We are now in the process of helping the client (who wished they had gone with our solution in the first place as they would not be having the issues they are now) overhaul and modify the existing solution so it does what it needs to and is safe, but this is a costly process and we cannot always remedy an existing installation, instead having to remove the incorrect solution and provide the right solution, meaning a double outlay in cost.

Caribbean is the only company in the UK dedicated 100% to the field of exterior solar shading (we do not get involved in any other home improvement products ie interior blinds or garage doors). Our products do genuinely offer a superior specification to any other on the market coupled with a service that is second to none and knowledge & expertise you just wont find elsewhere. Whilst our products may not be the cheapest, they do represent the best value for money and come backed with a fully comprehensive guarantee for complete peace of mind from a reputable company with a heritage that stretches back more than 40 years.

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