‘We stood admiring it!’

Our installation team have just completed what was probably the trickiest Outdoor Living Pod (OLP) installation of the year in Banbury, Oxford. This particular OLP was located in a courtyard, providing a roof to the entire area. Access was through the adjacent graveyard and over the side courtyard wall and the courtyard itself had a floor surface area of approx 15 sq/m making for a confined working space. Couple this with a property that had no fixing attachment to the rear due to the single storey extension pitched roof part of the property and a rough faced return side wall that was not at 90 degrees (circa 110 degrees) plus obstructions including downpipes and you have a challenge ahead, requiring skill, expertise and a range of fixing methods to overcome along with numerous bespoke infill panels to bridge the awkward gaps.

However, these types of challenges do not phase us, in fact we relish them and are the only company who can successfully take on these types of projects. Following a detailed in depth survey where every element and way of carrying out this project was discussed / explored, along with what is without a doubt the best installation team in the exterior shading industry and you have a recipe for success, with any project, no matter what the constraints, complications or difficulties able to be successfully undertaken and completed.

The difference with Caribbean is that we spend more time and money than any other company in the exterior solar shading industry training all our surveyors, installers, technicians (in fact everyone who works for our company) who are all fully employed by us (no sub contractors), and they are solely focused on exterior solar shading systems/projects as we don’t get side tracked or involved with any other product lines, ie interior blinds, garage doors, plantation shutters etc as we don’t offer them. This ensures you get the best result possible; a correctly specified, perfectly installed shading system manufactured to the highest standards with outstanding service – there is no other company like us.

The client took the time to drop us an email this morning with the following kind words:

“Thank you to you and your team – we are really pleased with it – we stood outside most of last night admiring it!”

If you want to transform your terrace into an area that can be used whatever the weather without spoiling the feel of being in the great outdoors, speak to our knowledgeable experts today on 0844 800 1947 about how our unique opening and closing louvered roof pergola structure – Outdoor Living Pod – will change the way you use and your enjoyment of your outdoor space forever!

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