How Are External Blind Fabrics Cleaned?

Our exclusive dimout and blockout external blind fabrics are impregnated with the most advanced TEXgard coating; an invisible protective shield around each individual fibre which creates a surface structure similar to the microstructure found on a lotus leaf. Closely arranged NANO chemistry carbon fluoride chains prevent dirt and water from clinging to the fabric surface generating a self-cleaning effect. Loose dirt will still accumulate on the surface but when it rains (and you’re guaranteed that in the UK) the dirt is washed off, leaving a clean, dry fabric.

Substances, such as birds mess and tree sap which ‘stick’ to the fabric should be hosed off immediately to avoid any damage to the protective coating and for dried on sticky debris a sponge and mild soapy (circa 2% acidic) water solution should be used to clean it off, which then should be rinsed with clean water to ensure that no soapy remnants stay behind on the material and the material allowed to dry off before retracting the external blind away.

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