What Is The Function Of An External Blind?

External blinds mounted outside and running in front of glazing of all sizes and inclinations including sliding and folding patio doors along with roof and skylights, primary function is to stop the suns’ heat energy before it even reaches the glass, preventing unwanted solar heat gain (up to 97% heat block) to avoid overheating to the indoor space, whilst also diffusing incoming light to eliminate glare, ensuring optimum thermal and visual comfort for occupants.

Thanks to the built-in windproof technology of our external roller blinds, which is the same ziplock mechanism featured on the optional side screens of our louvered roofs, combined with exclusive TEXgard nanotechnology coating on our materials which offers exceptional water repellency, they are also used to provide protection from the elements; driving wind & rain, on the exposed sides of existing structures such as pergolas and verandas.

External blinds are therefore highly popular in both residential and commercial applications, whether on extensions, garden structures or commercial outdoor spaces. They offer a multitude of uses, from offering unbeatable solar heat control to shelter from inclement weather.

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