How Much Do Louvered Roofs Cost?

All our louvered roofs are bespoke, made to measure to your exact requirements and therefore the cost varies significantly depending on the model, specification (size, hardware colour…), configuration (freestanding, lean-to…), and mounting detail, along with any options (lighting, heating, side screens…).

The chart below details the typical from and to prices for the different model louvered roofs for a single module (without options eg lighting, heating and side screens) installed in two configurations; freestanding, on a terrace and lean-to, attached to a house.

Freestanding Lean-to
Classic Pod £11,990- £22,500+ £12,990 – £23,500+
Deluxe Pod £14,990 – £23,500+ £15,990 – £24,500+
Prestige Pod £18,990 – £26,500+ £19,990 – £27,500+


Our dimmable LED (3,500k) lighting typically adds circa £1,500 per structure and our ultra-low glare, infra-red radiant 2kw heaters are on average £600 per unit. Our windproof motorised side screens vary depending on the size, however, on average they are typically between £2,000 – £2,500 per side.

To obtain a budget cost for your specific requirements is really simple using our estimate form, where you simply need to upload a photo of your application which helps us understand the mounting detail and some approximate measurements and then one of our estimators will be able to provide you with an accurate cost indication.

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