Do Louvered Roof Side Screen Fabrics Fade Over Time?

Our louvered roof side screen fabrics are produced from 100% spun dyed polyester fibres. This simply means that as the fibres are spun into yarn, they are dyed in a chemical bath to give them their colour. This solution dying (also referred to as dip dying) process colours the fibre all the way through to the core, locking it in the fibre to ensure the colour remains true and brilliant over the life cycle of the patio awning fabric.

Our materials are all tested on the blue-scale which measures their colour fastness. All of our premium louvered roof side screen materials are rated a maximum 7-8 / 8 on the blue-scale thanks to the solution dying process which means they will never fade over their lifetime and even beyond that, they will not fade visibly to the naked eye.

Think of the colours in our louvered roof pergola side screen fabrics a bit like a carrot. A carrot is orange on the outside and when you cut it in half its orange all the way through, the same as the colour in our solution-dyed louvered roof side screen fabric fibre.

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