Do Louvered Roofs Need To Be Serviced?

Our louvered roof pergolas have been designed and constructed from high-quality materials with premium coatings and concealed elements, meaning the only maintenance required is a little TLC (cleaning) from time to time. Corrosion-resistant aluminium profiles and stainless steel components featured on our louvered roofs do not rust. Concealed motors built within the framework stay protected from the elements and the unique NANO tech coating featured on our louvered roof side screen materials prevents the impregnation of dirt and other environmental influences in the fabric.

To keep louvered roofs looking like new and to ensure they keep protecting you we would suggest that both the hardware (metalwork) along with side screen fabrics are hosed down (garden hose, spray setting) on a regular basis (at least twice per year) to remove any loose dirt and more stubborn stains removed using a sponge and mild soapy (circa 2% acidic) water solution. Birds mess and tree sap should be cleaned off immediately on siting to prevent them damaging the hardware/fabric.

When cleaning your louvered roof never use any abrasive cleaners, rough cloths (ie scourers) or stiff brushes as this will damage the protective coatings to both the fabric and hardware and always allow the fabric to dry off before retracting your external blind away.

It is also recommended to keep water evacuating effectively from the louvered roof structure that the internal guttering is cleared of any leaves, debris, small twigs etc. Furthermore, if the louvered roof has side screens, the guides, which the fabric and leadrail runs within should be sprayed with a non-corrosive silicone spray to lubricate.

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