Are Louvered Roofs Waterproof?

Louvered roofs pergolas are designed as an all-weather solution and the roof louvers interlocking design provide a watertight roof covering when closed according to Belgian standard NBN 306. It is important to ensure a free flow of water from the closed roof louvers that the internal guttering is regularly cleaned.

The roof louvers features a ridge to the top side which helps, when the roof is opened after wet weather, prevent any residual water sitting on the top of roof louvers dripping onto the space beneath, instead running off the roof louvers into the internal guttering.

In extreme weather conditions such as a persistent torrential downpour, it is possible the internal guttering may not be able to drain the water quick enough and some water may splash over the guttering. Again ensuring the internal guttering is regularly cleaned will help to prevent this.

Condensation may form on the underside of the roof louvers with water droplets falling onto the terrace beneath. Due to the aluminium construction, this cannot be prevented and therefore is considered a natural characteristic.

Optional side screens, which feature exclusive TEXgard nanotech coated fabrics, are water repellent and therefore prevent water penetrating the sides, however, due to the perforated construction, some rain may run down the inside face of the fabric. Side screens should be allowed to dry out first before you retract them away, however, if the fabric is rolled away wet (ie the rain is persistent), the side screen should be opened up at the next opportunity to allow the fabric to properly dry out and to help minimise any rippling and waviness in the material. Continuous and consistent use of a side screen in rain showers will affect the look and appearance of the fabric.

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