How Much Wind Will Louvered Roofs Withstand?

Our louvered roofs pergolas are designed and built to withstand the elements, tested by the renowned independent quality standard body TÜV. The chart below shows the different elements of our louvered roofs and the wind speed rating, including a description of the acceptable wind levels. It should be noted that the wind class rating is based on the biggest size louvered roof in the range.

Louvered Roof Element Beaufort Description
Rotating Roof

(Classic & Deluxe Pod)

12 (73mph) Gale, Storm – Considerable widespread damage
Rotating & Sliding Roof

(Prestige Pod)

12 (73mph) Gale, Storm – Considerable widespread damage
Side Screens

(All Pods)

6 (31mph) Strong Breeze – large branches in motion, whistling heard in overhead wires, umbrella use becomes difficult

Along with gale-force wind speed ratings for the louvered roofs, they will also withstand a snow load (build-up) up to 100kg/m2 (Prestige model 70kg/m2), however, any snow build up over 35kg/m2 will result in deflection of the louvers and therefore the roof will no longer be watertight, however, when the snow has melted the louvers will return back to their normal undeflected state. It is important that if there is a build-up of snow on the roof, the roof is not operated until the snow has melted.

Louvered roof side screens can be equipped with wind sensors that detect the wind speed levels, automatically retracting them should strong winds exceed safe levels. Whilst these sensors are not a fail-safe device, they do offer additional protection and peace of mind.

Under no circumstances should anything be hung from a louvered roof and be sure when closing the roof or retracting the side screens that there are no foreign objects in the way that will prevent them from properly closing.

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