What Is The Function Of A Patio Awning?

Dating back to the Victorian times (mid-1800’s), awnings were initially used, before air conditioning was even invented to shade what was at the time elaborate glass shop frontages, passively cooling the interior of buildings and today still serve the same purpose in a commercial environment.

Nowadays patio awnings along with passively cooling the adjoining interior space are used to provide shade to the outdoor space along with shelter from rain showers when correctly specified with the appropriate pitch. Modern fabrics offer high levels of UV protection, blocking a minimum 95% of the suns damaging UV rays, in turn protecting skin from sun damage and fixtures and furnishings from bleaching. Additionally, bright light is diffused to prevent glare to both the area beneath the awning along with internal space in particular on tv/computer screens. Furthermore, patio awnings provide privacy from overlooking buildings.

Patio awnings are a firm favourite on the back of homes, extending the living space along with outside restaurants to provide alfresco dining spaces. They are a striking addition to buildings of various styles, adding a new dimension and many functional uses.

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