Can My Patio Awning Be Used During Rain?

Patio awnings, if set with a suitable pitch, can be used to provide shelter from rain showers. To guarantee rainwater runs off and does not pool on the material, patio awnings must be set with a pitch of 14 degrees (or greater), as set out in European Directive EN13561. As an additional benefit, thanks to the exclusive TEXgard nanotech coating impregnated around every fibre of our materials, as the rainwater runs off, it will remove all loose surface dirt and debris ensuring the material keeps a clean visual appearance.

The chart below shows the fall of a patio awning over its projection when set with the optimum 14-degree pitch, along with the required mounting height on the façade to facilitate this pitch and achieve the typical 2m walk under leadrail height when the awning is extended. The pitch of a patio awning can be varied from as little as 0 degrees up to as much as 45 degrees (dependent on model) to accommodate all property styles, available wall space, required leadrail heights along with use.

Projection Drop (at 14 degrees) Optimum Mounting Height
1.50m 38cm 2.38m
2.00m 50cm 2.50m
2.50m 63cm 2.63m
3.00m 75cm 2.75m
3.50m 88cm 2.88m
3.75m 94cm 2.94m


Patio awnings with a wet fabric (used in rain) should be allowed to dry out first before you retract them away, however, if the fabric is rolled away wet (ie the rain is persistent), the patio awning should be opened up at the next opportunity to allow the fabric to properly dry out and to help minimise any rippling and waviness in the material. Continuous and consistent use of a patio awning in rain showers will affect the look and appearance of the fabric.

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