What Size Patio Awning Do I Need?

The width and depth (projection – arm size) of a patio awning are vital to it serving the function it is required for. There are a number of considerations that should be taken into account including use (outdoor dining, internal shade), property aspect, surrounding factors (trees, fences), obstructions (soil pipes) and aesthetics. however, as a general rule of thumb, patio awnings should be sized as follows:


The width of a patio awning is the measurement from outside to outside of cassette casing. The fabric itself is anywhere between 170mm-220mm less in width (dependent on model) as it has to fit within the cassette casing.

As the sun is constantly moving, rising in the East and setting in the West, to offer a good level of sun protection both beneath the patio awning and to the adjoining internal room, when the sun is not overhead, it is recommended to have the patio awning overhang the doors or window it is covering by a minimum of 0.5m (50cm) each side, so 1m (100cm) overall greater than the door/window it is covering.

Depth (Projection – Arm Size)

The projection of a patio awning is the size (depth) of the folding arms. The greater the depth, the greater the shelter to the outdoor space along with shade to the indoor space, particularly from low Winter sun.

Depending on the use of the outdoor space, will determine the projection of a patio awning. For a small-size table, a projection of 2.5m is adequate, however, for a family with a larger table or for people who entertain, a minimum projection of 3m should be realised.

Remember temperatures reach their highest level around noon and the sun’s damaging UV rays strongest between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm. The sun is lower in the sky in winter but rises earlier and sets later in the summer. Make sure you check the movement of the sun around your property, see how trees, objects and other structures (fences) affect how the sun’s shadow falls on your patio area and adjoining internal room.

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