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  • Streamline Flush Fitting Design
  • Motorised Remote Control Operation
  • Built In Wind Protection Sensor
  • Spring Tensioned Folding Arms
  • 100's Of Hardware & Fabric Colours
  • LED Lighting & Heating Options
  • Width: from 2.05m to 14.00m
  • Projection: from 1.50m to 3.75m
  • Angle: adjustable from 5-38 degrees

Bespoke Patio Awnings, Sun Awnings & Outdoor Awnings

Enhance, protect and prolong the use of your terrace with our patio awnings for sun shade and rain shelter. Our made to measure outdoor awnings allow you to enjoy the continental alfresco lifestyle all year round and make the most of your outdoor terrace space - whatever the weather.

Practical and stylish, our folding-arm outdoor patio awnings outstretch to provide a welcome roof to an outside area, offering protection from the ever-changing ambient conditions. Shade is provided from the sun’s intense heat, keeping you cool, even on the hottest summer days, whilst shelter is offered from those unexpected and often persistent rain showers*. Our sunshade awnings block damaging ultraviolet rays, providing optimum protection for the skin, whilst harsh light is filtered to stop unwanted glare.

Electric Patio Awnings That Offer Natural Cooling

The adjoining internal room also benefits as our electric patio awnings stop the sun’s rays reaching the glass, reducing solar heat gain and naturally cooling the indoor space, along with protecting furnishings from bleaching by the sun. What’s more, your view remains unobstructed.

How Our Outdoor Awnings Work

Our outside awnings are comprised of retractable fabric canopies that extend from your home or business’s façade. Fabric rolled around a rigid galvanised steel roller-tube is connected to the awning front profile, which is subsequently attached to two or more (dependent on width, up to a maximum of six) folding arms. The arms contain twin heavy-duty sheathed stainless-steel springs that attach to and are put under tension from hi-tensile tear-resistant intertwined steel cables. When the motor is operated, these arms push against the front profile (lead rail), extending the awning and keeping the fabric taut at every position, giving our awnings a clean, sharp look as they project out. The arms and all components attach to a back profile which runs the full width of the awning.

Full cassette casings around the fabric barrel and folding arms on our retractable awnings protect the material and operating mechanism from all types of inclement weather when retracted, minimising maintenance and neatly hiding the solution away.

Optional ambient accessories for patio and deck canopies include LED strip lighting built onto the undersides, which gives off a warm white glow and low glare infra-red heating. The radiant heat doesn't blow away, allowing you to continue to use your patio awning long into the evening.

Bespoke Canvas Patio Awnings

A range of fixing brackets concealed behind the cassette awning casing allow a safe installation to all structure types. Bespoke brackets and even freestanding frameworks can be designed and produced to allow our canvas awnings to be installed in even the most awkward of locations.

Designed, Engineered and Built to Last

For the frameworks, extruded aluminium is used, which is both corrosion-resistant and highly durable. We also use drop forging/pressure die casting for the joints and stainless-steel components to hold everything together. Our folding-arm outdoor awning systems are strong and resilient. While some would say our awnings are over-engineered, we say they are built to last - and to withstand everything that is thrown at them.

Bespoke Patio Awning Colourways and Styles

Little details and finishing touches make all the difference. An endless array of finishes, styles, colourways and options are available to choose from, allowing you to design your very own bespoke outdoor awning, tailored specifically to your tastes and needs. Choose from hundreds of powder-coated hardware finishes to match or contrast with window frames, doors and facades. Alternatively, why not opt for stylish textured or metallic finishes that are both striking and eye-catching.

For reassurance and peace of mind, all our outdoor deck awning systems are extensively and rigorously tested to ensure that they will withstand the elements. Certified to both TÜV and European safety standards, our sun deck canopies and patio awnings meet and exceed the most stringent quality tests, able to withstand wind speeds of up to Beaufort 6.

Talk to one of our specialists today on 0344 800 1947 for expert advice on our superior range of retractable folding arm patio awnings.

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* Subject to pitch of 14 degrees or greater as set out in European Directive EN13561 to ensure effective rain run off.

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