5 free pergola plans for your next project

Classic outdoor living pod

Key Highlights

  • As a versatile, aesthetically pleasing structure that offers the perfect amount of sun, shade and shelter, louvered pergolas are fantastic for elevating any outdoor space.
  • If you’re an architect or specifier, there are plenty of garden pergolas on the market. Each one with its own unique range of features and benefits.
  • Every element of modern pergolas manufactured by Caribbean Blinds has been carefully considered to create a premium, high-performing product.
  • The full range of Caribbean Blinds’ louvered pergolas include Classic Lite, Classic, Deluxe, Deluxe + and the Prestige Pod.
  • Caribbean Blinds’ pergolas are customisable with a range of options including infra-red heating, LED lighting and windproof screens to create the perfect outdoor living space.


If you’re working on a project that requires you to elevate an outdoor space, a louvered pergola is the perfect addition. As a versatile and aesthetically pleasing structure that offers the perfect amount of sun, shade or shelter, garden pergolas are perfect for turning the designated area into something special.

Whether you’re an architect or specifier, there are plenty of options available on the market. To be sure you can find the most suitable pergola that will effortlessly bring your project to life, we’ve created this dedicated blog.

We’ll explore the benefits of different metal pergolas manufactured by our team of specialists and we’ll provide five free pergola plans so you can include these much-needed structures into your next outdoor design.

Modern pergola designs and their functionalities

Modern pergolas made from quality materials, like aluminium, offer a unique set of benefits and features that can’t be rivalled by traditional pergola designs.

At Caribbean Blinds we have designed a full range of louvered pergolas, where each element has been carefully considered to create a premium high-performing external shading solution.

Some of the key features of a garden pergola manufactured by our experts include:

  • Constructed from corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminium for durability and longevity.
  • Clean lines with no visible screws or fixings, including galvanised steel supports contained within the post uprights for a seamless attachment to the ground.
  • A concealed guttering system built within the cross beams, connects to downpipes within the nominated post uprights for effective water drainage from the roof.
  • Louvered roof is operated via built-in, powerful and reliable radio controlled motors.

Pergola plans for outdoor areas

With a wide variety of styles and finishes for pergolas, it can be challenging to know what plan to pick. Browse our full selection of garden pergolas below to identify which would be the most suitable for your latest design.

1: Classic Lite Pod


With an opening and closing waterproof louvered roof, outstanding finish and impressive lead times our Classic Lite Pod ,available in three set sizes, is one of our most popular pergola designs.

Classic Pod Arrangement & Mounting

2: Classic Pod

The minimalist design of the made to measure Classic Pod makes it a firm favourite for installation on the terrace or in a garden.

Classic Lite Pod Arrangement & Mounting

3: Deluxe Pod

Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod

Our Deluxe Pod is the most versatile of our garden pergolas as it’s available freestanding, attached to the property or built into an existing structure.

Deluxe Pod Arrangement & Mounting

4: Deluxe + Pod

Deluxe Plus Outdoor Living Pod

This outstanding metal pergola combines both a fixed roof of glass or solid panels and rotating louvers. It’s unlike anything on the market and is perfect for protecting a multi-functional space such as an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

5: Prestige Pod

Prestige outdoor living pod

The incredible design of the Prestige Pod includes not just rotating louvers but also a fully retractable pergola roof so users can have as much sun, shade or shelter as they require.

Prestige Pod Arrangement & Mounting

Advanced pergola projects for architects and specifiers

If you’re looking to take your outdoor project to the next level, there are plenty of ways to customise any one of the louvered pergolas we manufacture. From incorporating infra-red heating, LED lighting to installing integrated windproof side screens or choosing from a vast range of hardware or fabric colours, every pergola we supply can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project – no matter how big or small.

Get in touch with our team of external shading experts today to find out more information about how you can seamlessly incorporate a garden pergola into your next outdoor project.

Alternatively, check out all our detailed pergola plans on our exclusive trade portal – sign up today!

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