‘Why Do You Need A Photo To Get A Guide Price For Your External Blinds?’

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Over the past few months during this sweltering weather you can imagine how inundated we have been with enquiries regarding our External Shading and Outdoor Living Solutions. The sunshine has uncovered solar heat issues that would not normally be apparent during the cooler months so people are desperate to resolve these problems to restore the balance in their homes and gardens.

The heat can make things really uncomfortable and we can understand that some customers want to get the matter resolved as quickly as they can. We often receive calls requesting quick ‘ball park figures’ on our Bespoke External Window Blinds and Outdoor Living Products which is impossible to do when there are a number of factors to take into consideration. As a company that has been specialising in External Shading for over 30 years we pride ourselves on offering a smooth transparent and reliable service that leaves no surprises. 

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External Blinds and Outdoor Living products can be quite and investment to make so it is vital for us to ensure that we provide our clients with all the crucial details they need to make informative decisions and this includes a clear pricing process. In order for our customers to receive a guide price we will always ask for a photo of the area that they are looking to apply the Outdoor Living or Shading Solution along with some approximate measurements so that our team of experienced surveyors can make a quick assessment to see if any bespoke requirements are needed or if there are any particular challenges to overcome. We can often overcome most complex projects but a photo is a great way for surveyors to see if it is doable or not and it is also a chance to advise the clients of any issues which will help them in their purchasing process. Another key factor to our photo process is that our surveyors are able to provide an accurate guide price that reflects the clients requirements so that they have a clear understanding of the costs so when it gets to the formal quotation there are no concerning revelations.

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External Shading and Outdoor Living Solutions are not a quick fix solution, they are a long term investment that should not be rushed as this will deliver cheap solutions that disregard quality. It is imperative to take time and careful consideration, we offer plentiful amounts of information that can be found on our website because we want to make sure our visitors have the knowledge they need to make the right decision.  If you would like to have a conversation with an experienced member of our team and find out more information then call us today – 0344 800 1947

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