Another Year of Working From Home

It has nearly been a year since the first national lockdown in and working from home is still a part of our everyday lives. Businesses have adapted to the new norm with a large percentage of employees stationed at home, some may have been lucky enough to have invested in a comfortable garden office since but for the rest of us the makeshift bedroom desk, dining tables and sofas will have to suffice. 

With businesses future-proofing by becoming more remote, working from home is engraining into our routines. So, what have we learnt in the past year from our sudden change? We have certainly shown appreciation for the comfort of our officesthe social interaction and a healthy working environment. Over the last year working from home has made many of us realise the underlying issues in our homes that impact our productivity and normal regime. 

A common problem experienced by many during the warm extended Summer of 2020 was overheating. Overheating is caused by the short wave radiation from the sun entering the property through the weak spots – the glazing –  then being absorbed by objects inside, including interior blinds where they convert to long wave radiation that glazing is opaque to, therefore remaining trapped inside the building, causing room temperatures to rise and create an uncomfortable setting. If your current workstation is situated in the southerly elevation of the home and in particular in a heavily glazed room, then you are the most affected by this issue.

What is the solution to regulating solar heat gain? Air conditioning systems and fans are a quick solution to curing the issue but with it taking 3 times as much energy to cool a building by 1-degree centigrade than it does to heat a building by the same amount, energy drinking, cooling devices are not cost effective or energy efficient coupled with being noisy. 

Prevention is better than cure! By stopping the suns radiation from even reaching your glazed areas you will prevent unwanted solar heat gain and therefore your workspace will remain at a cool and comfortable temperature where you will be able to function efficiently. Our innovative external blinds are the proven and go to solution for virtually all glazed areas. Using minimal energy to function they create a first line of defence in front of the glass, absorbing and reflecting upto 97% of solar heat. Their superior engineering and robust design means they will withstand the elements and last a lifetime.Cuba Patio Awning - Chiswick | Caribbean Blinds

If you want to maintain a clear view out, then our stylish patio awnings are the next option. With the correct size and specification, you can not only can shade your glazed areas to keep your home from overheating but gain an added outdoor living area for your garden, a perfect and desirable place to take a work break. 

We have a team of expert and knowledgeable designers on hand to discuss and help you create a healthy living and working space using our innovative external shading solutions. Contact us today on 0344 800 1947 to discuss your requirements or alternatively request an estimate using our quick and easy pricing page. 

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