Autumn Gardening Guide

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As Autumn approaches, shorter days and much cooler temperatures are on the horizon, making it all too tempting to stop spending time caring for our gardens.

This said, Autumn is the perfect time of year to organise and tidy outside spaces after the busy Summer months. From cutting back hedges to organising the greenhouse, we unveil our top tips to keep your garden looking its very best throughout the forthcoming seasons.

1. Autumn is the ideal time to plant bulbs, as the soil is still warm from the Summer months. Getting the roots established before the Winter weather arrives is important as it helps the plants fight wet and rot.

2. If you’ve moved any houseplants outside during the Summer season, now is the time to start bringing them indoors as it’ll protect them from any future frosts.

3. Cut back hedges for the final time in November to prevent decaying caused by the accumulation of damp, but avoid creating any gaps, as this will leave the hedge looking bare over the next few months.

4. Make sure you switch off any water connections and empty any watering devices so that frozen water cannot cause any damage.

5. Once they’ve finished flowering, prune any climbing roses and tie in the stems to stop harsh Autumn winds ruining the plants.

6. Consider buying a bird bath or feeder as birds help keep pest numbers down during Winter, preventing any potential damage to your plants.

7. The worsening weather conditions can have a really negative effect on our lawns. To protect your lawn, regularly clear away any fallen leaves to stop the formation of dry, dark patches and the growth of moss. Aim to mow your grass for the last time around the beginning of November and make sure the grass is not cut shorter than 5cm as longer grass will make better use of the sunlight.

8. If you own a greenhouse, make sure you remove any greenhouse shading to allow as much light in as possible during the darker months.

9. Additionally, move tender plants into the greenhouse to protect them from the colder climate.

10. Finally, make the most of the dryer weather by painting sheds and fences with preservative before Winter arrives.

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