Benefits of using an awning in your commercial property design

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One of the simplest yet most effective additions to any business premises are commercial awnings and canopies. Shop awnings and restaurant awnings can benefit businesses in many ways. Not only do they offer cover from the sun and rain*, but they also add visual appeal to a commercial property. In addition, they can help regulate temperatures inside the premises, helping to save on energy costs. When coming up with a commercial property design, there are a number of benefits to commercial awnings that architects and designers should consider. Therefore, here are some benefits of applying commercial awnings and canopies in your commercial property design.

Expands Outdoor Space

Awnings and canopies allow businesses to expand their usable space so they can accommodate more customers. Restaurants and cafes use awnings to attract customers, offer protection for outdoor dining areas, and add a unique feature to the establishment. At the same time, retail stores use awnings to create outdoor sales areas or eye-catching signage that will attract customers while giving them weather protection so they can browse. As such, store awnings and restaurant awnings are great ways to use as much space available to attract and retain customers.

Adds Visual Appeal

Another major benefit that commercial awnings provide is that they add visual appeal to your business. For many businesses, making a good first impression is important if they want to attract and retain customers. Having a well-placed awning with a visually appealing design will help your business stand out from the others on the street. By bringing together a complementary colour scheme and a striking brand design, you can create a professional look that is more likely to draw in customers giving you a competitive edge.

Protects Outdoor Areas

Opening your business to the outdoors presents a variety of risks. While customers may enjoy outdoor dining, they won’t want to sit in an area that is still wet from a previous bout of rain. Awnings when installed with a suitable pitch offer protection from rain showers ensuring diners can relax in comfort even if the weather takes a turn for the worse. On warmer days, the area beneath the awning will remain cool, for a comfortable environment on the terrace whilst the fabrics will block a minimum of 97.5% of damaging UV rays ensuring skin stays safe.

Protects Interior Areas

While awnings and canopies are great for shielding your outdoor furniture from the effects of the weather, they can also help to protect your indoor furniture as well. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can not only harm the skin but can also cause some furniture to deteriorate quickly. When exposed directly to sunlight, furniture made from leather or wood can age and fade rapidly. Awnings and canopies can protect the quality and appearance of your interior furniture, saving you money on repairs or replacements.

Reduces Energy Costs

Another way that awnings and canopies can help keep expenses down for your business is by reducing energy costs. During summer, the sun’s rays can penetrate your windows and raise the temperature inside to an uncomfortable level. In turn, your cooling system will have to work harder to bring the temperature down to acceptable levels, driving up energy costs. By covering your windows in addition to your doors and outdoor areas, you can help keep the sun’s rays out and maintain a comfortable temperature inside without using extra energy.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

To attract customers to your restaurant, shop, bar, or hotel, you need to make it look inviting to any passers-by. Businesses with covered patio areas will often attract customers looking to enjoy a meal or a drink in an outdoor setting. Therefore, by choosing awnings and canopies for your business you can promote your business as a fun place to hang out and attract a cheerful and lively clientele. This in turn will encourage customers to return to your establishment and promote your business to others through word of mouth and online reviews.

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*Subject to pitch of 14 degrees or greater as required for rain water run off

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