The Benefits of External Blinds: Energy Efficiency and Privacy Solutions

The UK has experienced some of the warmest weather this summer, with overall temperatures between June – August expected to be up to 1.5°C higher than the seasonal averages from the last 30 years.

Because of this, a dynamic shading solution is required to adapt to these changing ambient conditions, not only preventing unwanted solar heat gain during the summer months but also allowing free solar gain when required in the winter.

How do they work?

According to the World Economic Forum, when heatwaves occur “without any shades or ventilation, you’ll quickly be in danger zone” – which is where external shading comes in…

By creating a barrier in front of the glazing they’re mounted to, external blinds can block up to 97% of the sun’s solar heat energy, reducing interior room temperatures by up to 18°C on even the hottest summer days.

Not only does external shading keep the indoor space naturally cool it mitigates the use of air conditioning, reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions as a result, whilst also allow us to control the amount of sunlight – diffuse glare – in our inside spaces.

Flexible use

Rooflights, panoramic windows and sliding/folding doors help blur the boundaries between inside and out by flooding a room with natural light and creating a feeling of endless space and openness, however, extensive glazing coupled with a warming climate is resulting in buildings severely overheating.

Designed to cover glazing of all sizes, inclinations and types, high-performance outdoor roller and roof blinds effectively regulate light (glare) and UV, whilst minimising any unwanted solar heat gain by averting the sun’s rays from reaching the glass and keeping buildings – and us – cool.

Visually enhancing

Not only do external blinds provide a barrier against the suns rays including damaging UV, protecting furnishings from bleaching by the sun but they add an extra aesthetic element to façade, whilst offering additional privacy.

Automatic outdoor blinds ensure both a thermally and visually comfortable indoor environment – with unique perforated solar controlled fabrics ensuring an evenly distributed natural light source whilst maintaining the view from inside to out.

Smart solar shading allows us to control the amount of sunlight in our inside spaces whilst helping to intelligently manage heat and light for the highest levels of energy efficiency, improving comfort and ultimately cooling our planet.

Our Managing Director, Stuart Dantzic, said: “New research shows that passive cooling techniques such as external shading not only prevents buildings from overheating but reduces the load on air conditioning – a proven contributor to CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases – by as much as 80%, reducing energy costs and ensuring safe, sustainable buildings that are comfortable and healthy for their occupants.

“External shading solutions provide a quick, easy and affordable way to create a comfortable, sustainable home or office with lower running and maintenance costs.”

To find out more about our luxury range of external blinds including our ‘Antiguan’ and ‘Dominica’ models which were shortlisted for the ‘Innovation in Insulation’ category at the Build It Awards 2022, contact one of our knowledgeable experts on 0344 800 1947.

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