Business Brilliance: The Versatility of Commercial Pergolas

Since the pandemic, many commercial establishments have realised just how important their outdoor spaces are, with more restaurants, bars and hotels looking to weather-proof their terraces, courtyards and alfresco dining areas for the long term.

More temporary covers such as brollies, parasols and marquees won’t stand up to the UK’s varying and unpredictable weather, however, a more robust solution such as a louvered roof pergola will offer protection from torrential rain, gale force winds and even snow.

How do they work?

A modern bioclimatic pergola with a rotating or retracting aluminium louvered roof has horizontal slats (louvers) which can be adjusted/angled to create the perfect setting for customers to enjoy their alfresco meal/drinks. For those who want to soak up the sun, the louvers can be left open, and when it’s cold or wet, the louvers can remain fully closed, providing a completely weatherproof dining area.

Match any design

Suited to establishments of any style and size, a louvered roof pergola is a simple yet effective way to give the impression of an outdoor ‘room’, extending the use and functionality of any commercial space.

Add style & sophistication

Whether it’s in the form of a freestanding structure or a direct extension of the building, a pergola will instantly add style and sophistication to your commercial space, effectively creating height and a ‘frame’ around a particular view.


Whilst any high-quality pergola will be designed and built to stand up to adverse weather conditions, the addition of windproof zip screens, ambient LED lighting and zone-controlled infra-red heating will create a cosy and pleasant environment, allowing you to utilise your outdoor space 365 days a year.


Investing wisely in the right pergola for your outdoor space can help keep your business going throughout the year, no matter the weather. More premium pergolas will be manufactured from powder coated aluminium – this super-strong, corrosion resistant and highly durable material can survive the knocks and bumps of bustling environments.

Easy operation

Our luxury pergolas can be operated using a remote control, meaning not only can you adjust the position of the louvers but turn any lighting/heating on and off at just the touch of a button!


Our Managing Director, Stuart Dantzic, said: “Bioclimatic pergolas with rotating or retracting louvers allow users to play with light and shade, offering an open-air alfresco feel when left fully open, and a secure, weatherproof space when closed.

“Suited to all types of commercial spaces, they can be customised with a number of features to create the perfect indoor/outdoor al-fresco space – all year round. Designed to be relatively low maintenance, these more premium products help to create a comfortable and stylish space, ideal for those who love to drink and dine outdoors.”


To find out more about our luxury range of louvered roof pergolas – branded Outdoor Living Pod™ – contact one of our knowledgeable experts on 0344 800 1947.


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