Can We Add Glass Walls to Your Outdoor Living Pod?

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Canopy, Pergola, Classic, Garden Room, Louvered Canopy, Louvered Pergola, Aluminium Pergola, Gazebo

The reason the Outdoor Living Pod™ is an Award Winning louvered roof system is because of its stunning design, practicality and innovative features. We have refined the design over a number of years and we understand the fundamentals that are needed to enjoy outdoor living in comfort. With over 30 years of industry knowledge and connecting with our clients we are familiar with the certain needs and desires to provide an outdoor living retreat with no drawbacks.

The Outdoor Living Pod™ comes with many optional features which enhance the experience of this louvered pergola and the whole structure is bespoke to the clients needs. A lot of the time we are challenged with special requirements which we proudly meet, occasionally we are asked by some clients ‘Can you add glass walls to your Outdoor Living Pods?’. This is a feature that we do not provide on our structures, our clients can get them fitted elsewhere if it is something that they strongly desire, but we will always advise against it due to the solar heat gain properties that come with glass.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Canopy, Pergola, Classic, Garden Room, Louvered Canopy, Louvered Pergola, Aluminium Pergola, Gazebo

As experts in the Solar Shading industry it would be unpractical for us to integrate glass into the design of our Pods as this will generate a temperature rise on warmer days, which is something we want to avoid when it comes to outdoor living. We believe to really enjoy your garden space you need to be able to connect with it without barriers, which is why our fabric side screens are the viable solution. The automated side screens are integrated to the Outdoor Living Pods™ so they can be deployed and retracted at the touch of a button, this gives our clients freedom and full control of how they want use their space. The fabrics advanced weatherproof features means it can withstand the elements and provide protection with no solar heat gain. If retaining a view is the concern of the client then we do provide fabrics with a window panel to ensure scenic views are not ruined.

At Caribbean Blinds our priority is to provide our clients with a comfortable and luxurious experience that they can benefit from time and time again. We will always do our best to work with our clients and provide them with the appropriate knowledge for them to make informative decisions. If you would like to discuss your options then call one of our experienced team members on 0344 800 1947 or you can leave your details using our quick enquiry form and we will send you a detailed product brochure.

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