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As we step into another busy season of shading the nation with the finest, innovative exterior blinds, we reflect on last year’s performance and analyse how we can make further improvements to continue to set ourselves apart. We take great pride in the service we deliver and how we deliver it, which is why we strive to surpass previous year’s achievements by setting the bar higher each time.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd, making this a very special year to really exceed our expectations. We believe in our products, staff and our values and we want you to feel that energy and passion we have that makes us a highly recommended company.

This year we have made one of our objectives to enhance our digital media content. By refining this area we will be able to convey a larger, detailed picture of Caribbean Blinds so that we can cultivate an even stronger connection with our clients and Trade Dealers. We have invested in new equipment, software and staff that will aid us in our new goal.

Jahed has been brought in to assist in the delivery of our digital media, with his experience in videography, photography and graphic design, we have full confidence in his ability to help us develop and maintain our media output. We have equipped him with a Canon 5D Mark III, still one of the best DSLR cameras since its release date 5 years ago. This is a highly efficient camera that is capable of producing both high quality photos and videos, ideal for what we are looking to achieve.Caribbean Marketing

We look forward to producing lifestyle photos and videos of our products so that our clients can identify and visualise how our shading solutions can benefit their lifestyle. We will even be documenting real life clients to give you their views on our products and services so that you can see first-hand how we preserve our excellent reputation. As it is the 30th anniversary, we will also be taking a look into the manufacturing process of our products and meeting the dedicated team members that have helped Caribbean Blinds become what it is today.

Engage with us on our Social Media platforms to stay up to date with our new content. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pintrest and Google+. If you see something of interest then take a look at our website for more information, or call one of our knowledgeable team members for some expert advice – 0344 800 1947 

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