Attract Customers by Adding an Alfresco Space to Your Business

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After our recent visit to Budapest there was something that we noticed in a country that experiences far colder temperatures than the United Kingdom, they sure did have a lot of alfresco options in place at their restaurants and coffee shops. The business proprietors took full advantage of their space by providing the alfresco option, whether it is an awning or a canopy they were usually fully fitted with heaters and side screens to help maintain an appropriate atmosphere to serve customers. The weather is very unpredictable in Hungary but at least they were always prepared for that sudden change.

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There are a number of reasons why some establishments look to extend their space further from the indoors to the outdoors. Some simply want to increase their seating capacity, some want to offer an outdoor option and some want to maximise on their sales no matter the weather.

Businesses that invest in outdoor living solutions and make the necessary arrangements to make their external space more appealing will attract more customers to their establishment. Customers want to have the option of being able to drink or dine outside if the weather is right which is why it is vital to have that option in place so that they are able to make that choice.

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At Caribbean Blinds we work with commercial properties to help design the prefect alfresco space using our state-of-the-art outdoor living solutions.  A popular choice for medium to large businesses is the Outdoor living Pod™, this aluminium canopy structure consists of electronically operated louvers to provide sun, shade and shelter at the touch of a button. Already you can see why this is a desirable option and it continues to deliver as optional extras like side screens, infrared heaters and lighting can really help to enhance the wining and dining experience.

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Our super strong folding arm awnings are often selected to extend the space of a shop front as they can be an aesthetically pleasing factor with their colourful weather proof fabrics and they are able to pack away at the touch of a button. Our Cuba model uses double tension spring cables, making this an ideal solution for business looking to get something strong and durable that can withstand the harsh elements when providing shelter.

If you have a commercial property that you are looking to enhance by adding an outdoor living solution then contact our team today and begin designing your plans – 0344 800 1947

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