Enhancing Workspaces: How Commercial Blinds Improve Employee Productivity and Wellbeing

A well-designed workspace that considers factors such as lighting, temperature, noise and air quality can promote employee wellbeing – both physical and mental – increasing productivity and creating a positive work environment as a result.

Automatic outdoor blinds can ensure both a thermally and visually comfortable indoor working environment, offering UV protection and preventing glare, whilst acting as a more energy-efficient alternative to installed cooling and heating systems.

Temperature control

In warm weather, external blinds can block up to 97% of the sun’s solar heat energy by creating a barrier in front of the window or door they’re mounted to, reducing office temperatures by up to 18°C on even the hottest summer days. 

Not only do commercial blinds keep indoor workspaces naturally cool during the summer and mitigate the use of air conditioning, but they also trap internal heat during the winter, reducing the need for central heating, lowering energy costs and CO2 emissions as a result.

Light regulation

Unlike curtains that can make a workspace feel like it’s plunged into darkness, external blinds allow for the individual control and adjustment of natural light entering the room/building, which can be a significant advantage for workspaces where too much sunlight can create glare on computer screens and displays.

Commercial blinds not only provide a barrier against UV rays, but they work perfectly to enhance any workspace. Through ensuring a cool and comfortable environment, they prevent employees from overheating, allowing them to stay refreshed, motivated and productive all day.

Other benefits

Compared to other shading solutions, the low maintenance and upkeep of external blinds allow businesses to save time and money which can be better spent elsewhere. Aside from their financial advantages, they also have security/privacy benefits such as keeping valuable equipment out of sight. Finally, some commercial blinds offer noise reduction capabilities which enable employees to work without distractions and stay focused without feeling shut off from the outside world.

Our Managing Director, Stuart Dantzic, said: “Every business needs to address the importance of external shading and the effect it has on employee wellbeing – all commercial workspaces need to be thermally comfortable in order to maintain productivity, as well as keeping energy costs as low as possible.

External blinds not only help override high levels of insulation and glazing by minimising any unwanted solar heat gain and keeping workspaces cool, but unique perforated solar controlled fabrics can provide an evenly distributed natural light source whilst maintaining the view and connection to the outside.”

To find out more about our luxury range of external blinds including our ‘Antiguan’ and ‘Dominica’ models which were shortlisted for the ‘Innovation in Insulation’ category at the Build It Awards 2022, contact one of our knowledgeable experts on 0344 800 1947.

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