Maximising Outdoor Comfort: Exploring the Advantages of Retractable Awnings

Regardless of the time of year, the sun constantly emits a source of energy known as ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is damaging to our skin, however, protecting yourself from the sun does not mean shutting yourself indoors…

Outdoor shading products such as retractable awnings not only provide a barrier against UV rays, but they work perfectly to enhance any outdoor living space. They ensure a cool and comfortable environment, preventing you from overheating and allowing you to stay refreshed all day.

Where it all began

An awning is a fabric canopy that attaches to the side of a building and extends and retracts using spring tensioned folding arms which keep the fabric taut at every position. The very first awnings to exist were traditionally used on elaborate glass shop frontages in the 1800s as a way to passively cool the interior of buildings, whilst also protecting goods from the damaging effects of the sun.

Awnings today

Widely considered to be more versatile than other shading systems including gazebos and parasols, awnings have grown in popularity in more recent times. More homeowners are seeking quality products that allow them to utilise their garden by helping blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, whilst adding instant style, shelter and privacy to any property – particularly in built-up areas.

More modern and premium awnings can be both manually operated (using a handle) or motorised (using a remote control) – or even an app on your smartphone. A motorised awning that can be adjusted at just the touch of a button – with any add-ons such as lighting and heating – is the ideal solution for those who love to ‘live life outdoors’.

The benefits

Ideal for family BBQs and gatherings, retractable awnings act as an extension of the roof of your property, providing instant shade and shelter from direct sunlight; both heat and glare (bright light), outstanding UV protection (typically 95% minimum UV block) and shelter from unexpected rain showers.

They also provide a much-needed cooling effect to the indoor room adjacent to where they are positioned, both during the summer and winter months. As a result, they ensure a comfortable indoor living space – both inside and out – eliminating any bright light to prevent glare, all whilst filtering damaging UV rays to stop fixtures and furnishings from fading.

Our Managing Director, Stuart Dantzic, said: “New research shows that passive cooling techniques such as external shading can not only prevent homes and workplaces from overheating but also reduce the load on air conditioning – a proven contributor to CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases – by as much as 80%.

“Not only do external shading products including retractable awnings offer an abundance of benefits when socialising, entertaining and relaxing outdoors during the summer months, but they are a quick, easy and affordable way to help create a comfortable, sustainable home with lower running and maintenance costs.”

To find out more about our luxury range of retractable awnings that can be designed and built to each application’s exact requirements, contact one of our knowledgeable experts on 0344 800 1947.

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