Enjoy The Sun Responsibly

Heatwave Advice

After a relatively cool May and with yesterdays rain and gale force winds behind us, temperatures should reach in some areas (South East) 25 degrees by the weekend, as we’re set to bask in a glorious heatwave for most of the month of June. 

Clear blue skies and the strong sunshine will see many of us venture out to parks, beaches and our own back gardens to enjoy the first barbeque of the year. Care however should be taken to ensure we enjoy the sun responsibly, as skin is delicate and very easily damaged by the sun.

Spend time in the shade between 11am – 3pm

The suns rays are at their strongest around midday. UV rays are invisible and cannot be felt on the skin. They penetrate deeply into the skin's cells, causing changes that lead to sunburn, skin ageing, eye damage and skin cancer. No matter whether you tan easily or not, you should protect (cover up) your skin.

Children are particular vulnerable and at most risk, with experts believing that one blistering sunburn during childhood can significantly increase (double) the risk of skin cancer later on in life.

All our patio awnings feature UV rated 801 fabrics enabling you to enjoy the use of your terrace safely. The UV protection factor indicates the extent to which the fabric increases the natural protection time of human skin to direct sunlight, with our fabrics offering a staggering sun protection factor upto 80+, more than 4 times what is recommended by the Cancer Research UK Sunsmart campaign, meaning even someone with the fairest skin is offered a minimum of 6 hours protection!UV Rated Awning Fabrics - Highest Sun Protection

Our unique online awning fabric selector shows the UV protection levels offered by all our different material designs, helping you to select the fabric that is most suitable for your skin type and how long you wish to spend outside in one period.

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