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London is a lively and crowded place and it continues to grow and flourish as people flood in to experience city living. As we are all aware that living this life can come with a price, property value is on the rise and rental prices can be very extortionate. If there are ways to reduce costs in areas then Londoners will take the opportunity to do so as we are in the day and age where we now have to be smart about the way we live and take different approaches.

Within city limits you will often find there will be heat traps that will increase the temperature, this is called the ‘Urban Heat Island’ effect. When there is a congestion of buildings and pavements within the same radius then these structures will often retain more heat as oppose to the countryside where the temperature and feeling of the atmosphere is considerably different.

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With the atmosphere already in a humid state from the Urban Heat Island effect, this does not coincide well with the Londoners that are opting for glass feature building designs. Glass is a major contributing factor to heat gain as it magnifies the solar radiation penetrating the glass surface area and then increasing the internal temperature. In this scenario this means that energy bills for Londoners will often be significantly higher as they will have to use more energy to cool down their homes. A solution that would overcome these heating issues would be to invest in External Solar Shading; many of our clients in the City often apply a SMART window treatment like External Roller Blinds or Tension Roof Blinds to decrease the solar heat gain. Applying external sun blinds will act as a first line of defence against any solar rays trying to enter the building. Once our external blinds were fitted in our clients homes they had always commented on how much of an impact they made in keeping the internal environment cool using natural shading which in turn reduced their energy bills.

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Our external skylight blinds and outdoor roller blinds are a popular contemporary choice among the city dwellers as their modern home designs often consist of large glass features. The design of our shading systems are sleek, streamline, durable and updated with the latest technology, these are the features that attract our clients day in day out. If you would like to understand more about the benefits of our Solar Blinds then call our Head Office today and speak to one of our experts – 0344 800 1947

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