Family Business Planet Pledge

Family Business Planet Pledge

We are all aware of the issue of climate change and global warming; the damage this is doing to our planet and the need for immediate change.  As a business we produce ‘energy saving’ solutions to combat overheating subsequently reducing or mitigating the need for energy hungry cooling and heating devices which emit large amounts of CO2 every year, however, it is important that as a business our processes are as efficient as possible to ensure our carbon footprint is a small as possible and to reduce our carbon consumption wherever possible. Therefore we are delighted to have signed up to the Family Business United Planet Pledge which will provide us with a library of tools, best practice and insights to help us enhance our knowledge in this area and provide us with valuable examples of what other businesses are doing that we could also implement to reduce our carbon footprint.

The pledge has 8 key goals for every business that signs up:

  • Make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon emissions
  • To review our business operations to remove inefficiencies and reduce consumption of energy and raw materials
  • To recycle wherever possible
  • To add sustainability and environmental impact to their board agenda
  • To eliminate single use plastics where possible
  • To consider our actions with regards the overall Sustainable Development Goals highlighted by the United Nations
  • To record and demonstrate our endeavours in this area
  • To share examples of what has been achieved with the broader family business community

We are passionate about our planet and regularly and consistently review our entire operations to make efficiencies where possible. Whilst we are already doing a lot to minimise our impact on the environment including recycling our aluminium along with cardboard waste, using fabrics that are entirely free from plasticisers and ensuring packaging is wherever possible biodegradable there is far more we can (and will) do. Already we are making the first steps to invest in electric vehicles and charging points, the first of which were installed recently to run our fleet, with new vehicles coming shortly. Following our factory extension currently underway we will install solar panels to hopefully completely power our entire operations and indeed produce additional energy. The factory extension will also enable us to hold much higher stock levels resulting in far fewer shipments from our suppliers reducing our supply chain footprint and a new IT system planned for 2022 will make us virtually paperless.

We only have one planet and wish to be a leader and set an example in our field and to make a difference, however little.

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