Gas or Charcoal?

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One of the best things that we love about summer is the BBQ smells that linger on every street corner, nothing beats that distinctive smell of meat being grilled over a hot fire. As the summer gets into full swing so do the social gatherings and there is no other way to host a party then to invite your loved ones over to gather in your outdoor space to drink, eat and laugh. Most will agree that hosting a BBQ party is the perfect way of getting people together. If you are yet to initiate your summer with grill fest and have not yet purchased a grill or looking to upgrade then let’s take a look at the two main types on offer.

BBQ, Outdoor Living, Burgers, Meat


This is by far one of your most popular types of grills that you will find in your average home, they are easy and quick to use. If you want to get the party started swiftly with hassle free minimal cleaning then this is certainly the viable option for you. They usually run on bottled propane or natural gas that can be linked to your utility provider. If you are able to convert your BBQ to a natural gas source then this will work out more beneficial in terms of cost.

The only downside to a system like this is that you will be losing the smoke flavour, you may get a little hint of smoke but this is nothing compared to a normal charcoal grill. If taste is something that is most important to you then you may need to look at other options as you also have to take into consideration the price of gas grills. Paying a higher price for less of the flavour is something a few of you may question.

BBQ, Outdoor Living, Burgers, Meat, Charcoal


Charcoal grills are another popular choice of BBQ, they use a natural fire source that contributes to the overall outcome of your food, it undoubtedly plays an integral part to the flavour of the meat. Charcoal burns at a higher temperature allowing it to sear the meat effortlessly. The charcoal when burnt produces a particular smoke which can be used to flavour the meat, giving you a richer and more distinct taste. It is a more time consuming method but it is worth the wait if time is on your side. You will expect to pre heat your grill and this may take up to 40 minutes and after the grilling is over you will have to make more effort in cleansing the grill as charcoal can be a messy substance that needs taking care of.

As you can see they both have very arguable points but what it really comes down to is your personal preference, whether you prefer taste over practicality. We know which one we prefer.

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We often see our clients assimilate BBQs with our Outdoor Living Pods, it is a great way to utilise their outdoor space and enhance their lifestyle. With our Pods they have guaranteed cover from the elements which allows them to continue with their party when the weather takes an unexpected turn. The aluminium louvered roof is electronically operated allowing you to have full control when there is too much light, heat and rain. This Award Winning product has a fully integrated guttering system which will drain all excess rain water away, keeping you clean and dry underneath at all times. These Outdoor Living Pods can be designed and manufactured to specific requirements to make sure that you make the most out of your outdoor living space.FREE BBQ WITH ALL OUTDOOR LIVING PODS

Call a member of our knowledgeable sales team and discuss your plans today, we will help and advise you on every step of the way – 0344 800 1947 – alternatively you can fill in our quick enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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