Get your Home Ready for Winter

Winter, Maintenance

It may sound like quite a task but it’s better to do this now than be sorry later. You may not see it but the change of seasons can have an effect on your home so it is important to make seasonal checks especially on the run up to our harshest season of winter. Take a look at this quick checklist and give your home the maintenance it needs to get through winter.


1. Check your Gutter and Downpipes

As pretty as autumn can be it can also be particularly messy especially for the gutters and downpipes. A lot of leaves and debris would have likely been built up during the course of the autumn season and if this is not tended to then this could cause some serious problems during winter when there is heavy rain and snow. If you come across any damaged pipes then we would advise that you replace these straight away, any leaks from the gutters can cause damp and wood rot to your property.

Pipe, Lagging

2. Lagging your Pipes

This is one tip that you will be thankful for. Lagging is a special type of material that goes around your pipe work to insulate and reduce heat loss and prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting. This is certainly not a situation you would want to find yourself in during winter.

Roof repair

3. Inspect your Roof

Ask yourself when was the last time your checked your roof? Even the smallest of rain showers is enough to cause minor damage and this can then lead to more serious problems if it is not repaired quickly. Pop into the loft and carry out a visual inspection, if you are unsure then we would advise that you call the professionals to carry out and external check to ensure that your roof is winter ready.


4. Service your Boiler

We can all agree that this is a crucial part of the home that should never be disregarded especially during the colder months. If the boiler fails on you then this can be very costly and cause some unwanted situations. This can be easily avoided if you are regularly getting your boiler serviced to ensure that it is running smoothly and efficiently as it should, treat it the same as you would treat your car.

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5. Maintain your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable areas for heat loss, if you have single pane windows then we would advise that you make upgrades when you can as this will certainly reduce the amount of heat escaping which in turn will save you money. By applying interior blinds or shutters you can slow down the process as this creates an extra layer of insulation in front of the glazing. By applying exterior blinds you can save even more on your energy as this creates a further layer of insulation on the exterior using fabrics with stronger properties to retain heat. Not only are they great for winter but they are also great at deflecting the heat during the summer season, cooling down a room by more than 80%. Find out more with our shading guide.


These are just few checks that you can make to get your home in order for the winter season. If you would like to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members about our SMART Window Applications then call us on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can use our quick enquiry form to receive our free detailed brochure.

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