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With life expectancy increasing, the world is becoming heavily populated which results in more vehicles on the road, more heat being generated from homes and more food consumption. As cities keep on expanding and sponging up the countryside, we are experiencing a detrimental effect on the environment. Climate change has been an ongoing global topic which has to be addressed with solutions to decrease the pressure we are implementing on the earth. We all have a vital role to play to secure a future for the next generations to come, it is up to us to set an example and change our lifestyles to create a more positive effect.

By diversifying and making changes to the way we live we can contribute to a greener world. Investing into an eco-friendly home will ultimately create a healthier environment for your family and the world around you. It is time to start adopting new ideas and looking at the bigger picture.

A high proportion of emissions are emitted from cooling and heating internal environments. In order to reduce the radiation that we are causing we need to change the way we design homes by integrating green solutions to the fabrications.

Laying a Green Roof on the roof of your building will have ecological benefits which will significantly reduce the impact on climate change. By retrofitting a green roof you can reduce the air cooling and heating load considerably which means you can save more money on bills and reduce your carbon foot print.

Common roof surfaces can deteriorate from ultra violet rays and temperature change as they are exposed for a long period of time. Laying a natural element will create a protective layer that will increase the longevity of your roof as well as providing a shield to the waterproofing membrane underneath. Water is absorbed by the plants and then released back into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration.

Green Rood, Eco-friendly, Environmentally Friendly, Roof Blinds

At Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd we often see green roofs on single storey extensions which have large skylight windows to allow natural light to flood in. The windows have a large surface area for solar radiation to generate heat through the magnification of the glass. External blinds are a solution that can create a more positive, eco-friendly environment that is energy efficient, providing an additional layer of insulation to the glass. This long term investment is the first line of defence against solar radiation and UV rays penetrating the glass, creating a cooler internal environment. Even in the winter months our high quality shading products allow you to retain the heat in the home, with additional smart heat sensors this will ensure maximum efficiency when the sun is out. These innovative shading solutions are a massive step forward from interior blinds, saving you money as well as creating an environmentally friendly home.

For further information call one of knowledgeable Caribbean team members to find out more on how you can incorporate our external blinds to create an Eco Home of the future – 0344 800 1947. 

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