Grand Designs Live Special: Top Tips For A Low-Maintenance Outside Space

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Low-maintenance gardens have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners in recent years. With many in search of an attractive outside space without the time-consuming upkeep, there are a number of tried and tested techniques, as well as revolutionary new products that can help keep this workload to a minimum. 

Whilst every outside space does require a little time and effort to keep it looking its best, these top tips ensure you can spend your free time enjoying your garden, rather than maintaining it!

Effortless Evergreens:
Evergreen plants are a winning choice if you’re looking to add some lush greenery to your outside space without the hassle. Unlike deciduous plants, that completely lose their foliage, evergreens keep all of their leaves so they require very little attention throughout the year.

For example, the addition of an evergreen palm plant, such as The Phoenix Canariensis, gives any garden a touch of the tropics all year round. Due to its fast growing nature and ability to withstand temperatures as low as -6, this low maintenance plant looks magnificent yet is incredibly easy to grow in British climates.

Convenient Containers:
Watering is one of the most vital yet commonly loathed chores in the garden, only heightened during Summer when plants require more hydration than usual. In fact, many containers need to be watered two or three times a day to keep plants developing at their optimum.

Whilst this can seem a relentless chore for those with busy lifestyles, let alone a huge inconvenience if you’re going away, self-watering systems efficiently and effectively solve this age-old dilemma. 

With the aid of a self-watering system you’d only need to water an average-sized plant on a weekly basis, turning a daily chore into a weekly task. Furthermore, self-watering containers tend to save a lot of water, since the water that isn’t used immediately by your plant is stored for later use. For more inspiration, check out our Guide To Self-Watering Pots & Planters here. 

Simple Surfaces:
As a general rule of thumb, the trick to achieving a low-maintenance garden is to exchange soft landscaping such as turf and garden beds to hard landscaping options such as paving areas, gravel, slate, pergolas etc.

Ideally, aim to have less than a third of your garden as lawn in order to reduce maintenance. Decking boards are an excellent substitute to grass as they require very little aftercare, and of course, there’s no mowing necessary!  

Trouble-Free Terrace:
If you’re looking to maximise your garden's potential by making the most of your terrace, our award-winning Outdoor Living Pod ticks every box. With its innovative opening louvered roof providing flexible sun shading along with rain and snow protection, you can enjoy an alfresco environment whatever the weather.

Additionally, with its integrated screens, LED lighting and infra-red heating operated at the touch of a button, it delivers seamless style and effortless practicality to your outside space.

Furthermore, our Outdoor Living Pod provides invaluable protection for garden furniture etc. (so there’s no need for furniture covers) making it an excellent low-maintenance option. 

To find out more about our full range of products, fill in an enquiry form today or come and say hello at Grand Designs Live where we will be exhibiting at stand G230 in the Grand Gardens Hall. 

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