Inside or Out?

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Window treatments are something that most of us will firstly think of as products to create privacy and block out the outdoor light. We will naturally select products to improve the aesthetics of our homes before we think about the other benefits. As important as this is to make a home feel comfortable it is also advisable to understand how they will impact your home. Internal blinds are the common household choice with a vast range to choose from – the most popular being the rollerblind. However does this option provide you with value?

Roller blinds are fairly cumbersome when retracted, mounted typically inside the reveal taking up space and looking messy. They invariably despite guides don’t roll square, more so because they are manually operated with the fabric edges curling on the guides that are there to help them roll smoothly. Add to this the lack of view through most common household rollerblind fabrics which spoils the inside outside feel glazing brings and stops most of the natural light leaving us to turn the artificial lighting on. And then there is the ongoing maintenance required, with rollerblinds being dust magnets – dust gathers on top of the exposed fabric roll and therefore regular cleaning is essential. Furthermore open windows result in moisture and external influences on the fabric degrading the material and causing them to flap in breezes. 

So what at first seems like a ‘good’ choice, is actually poor value for money and more likely to cause a headache than provide a solution.

External Roller Blinds, Exterior Roller Blinds

On the other hand, an external roller blind system offers many advantages. Mounted normally outside the reveal they do not reduce the reveal size and are unobtrusive when closed away and when extended all you see is the fabric, which thanks to the unique micro-perforations allows you to maintain the view out. Additionally the innovative nano technology coatings impregnated on the fabrics generates a self clean effect, ensuring they keep a clean visual appearance along with being fade and UV resistant.

Add to this that an external blind prevents solar gain by stopping it reaching the glass and admits diffused glarefree light, so you don’t have to switch on artificial lighting during the day, it’s probably no surprise that year on year sales of external roller blinds almost double, especially with our desire to incorporate as much glass in a building as possible.

At Caribbean Blinds we’re proud of our innovative range of external blinds that provide a solution to every application. Our experts are always on hand to give you honest advice and guidance you need to make the right choice – 0344 800 1947

For more information on the benefits of external shading click here.


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