Internal Promotions at CB: Chris Beech

Chris Beech | CAD |Technical | Manager

Caribbean Blinds is not just family owned but family run, with the entire team from production to admin, to installation being and feeling they are a part of the CB family. Everyone is valued and given the best opportunity to thrive within the business. 

That said, we are really happy to announce that our very talented Chris Beech has been promoted to Technical Support and CAD Manager! 

Chris Beech | CAD |Technical | Manager

So who is Chris Beech? 

Chris joined CB in a newly created role as Technical Support and CAD back in March 2021 and soon became an invaluable part of the team. His promotion in June this year came as a result of Chris’ hard work, professional approach and positive attitude and he has totally made this role his own in a very short time contributing to the ongoing success of the business.  

In the relatively short time that he has been with us, he has achieved great things; he has been instrumental in the design of drawings in particular creating an entire up to date CAD library of all our systems, has taken an invested interest in getting to know the products and is someone who always goes above and beyond.  

Here are a few of his stand out qualities: 

  • He is extremely customer focused and has had some great feedback. 
  • He is always willing to help everyone out, even if that means unloading a lorry in the rain or doing the tea run! 
  • He is the first one to offer to come in early or to stay late  
  • He is dedicated to doing a great job and wants the company to succeed. 
  • Chris always makes a real effort to make all new employees welcome, goes out of his way to involve them in CB life and takes a real interest in getting to know them as a person. 
  • Chris is constantly looking for new ways to improve; he listens, takes feedback seriously, and isn’t afraid to ask questions and seek help when needed. 

Chris is undoubtedly a role model to the rest of the CB team, is respected by all and will go on to achieve great things. A great asset to the CB team and if you’ve ever seen his drawings, he makes integrating our products within a scheme seamless! 

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